The State of Georgia holds a unique place in Zeta because one of the founders was from Georgia. Founder Fannie Pettie Watts was born in Perry, Georgia, December 20, 1899.  She attended public schools in Savannah, Georgia and continued her formal training at Georgia State College. Later, she graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education. Post-graduate studies in social work and in housing have been pursued at New York University.  She relocated to Brooklyn where she worked as a social investigator for the Department of Social Services in Brooklyn. As an active member of Nazarene Congregational Church, Founder Pettie Watts headed the Cradle Roll division where she coordinated parenting classes for expectant mothers.

Founder Pettie Watts died on August 22, 1995 and is buried on the Brooklyn side of the Cemetery of Evergreens.

Georgia honored Founder Watts with an event at Zeta Day in Perry, GA in September 2017. A shadowbox was placed in the Perry Museum in her honor. The State is also a Gold-Level Sponsor for the Museum.


Soror Alice Dugged Cary was born in New London, Indiana, in 1859. She attended Wilberforce University and began her teaching career in the public schools of Kansas in 1882. She became assistant principal at Lincoln High School, Kansas City, MO, in 1884, and the following year she married the Rev. Jefferson Alexander Carey Jr, a minister of the A.M.E. Church, and moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Soror Cary was also committed to the development of early childhood education and established the first free kindergartens for African American children in Atlanta, Georgia, Macon, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina. She later became the first female principal of the Mitchell Street School in 1887 and served as the principal of the Normal Department (the education department) of Morris Brown.  She accepted an appointment in 1886 as the second principal of Morris Brown College, where she also established the second chapter of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority in 1921. Cary was politically active, serving as the Georgia State Chairman of the Colored Woman’s Committee, and as president of the Georgia State Federation of Coloured Women. She led a successful battle to open an Atlanta public library to African Americans and, in 1921, became the first librarian of the Carnegie Library.  Described as a "grand old lady of the South", Cary had a definite sense of style and fashion. To Alice Dugged Cary, there was no station in life more dignified than that of "educator", no sound more exquisite than the spoken word, and no monument more durable than ideas and books. She didn't just read books, she had relationships with books, even the simplest of them. During her days at the library on Auburn Avenue, Alice Dugged Cary's favorite children were inspired to leave with seven books, one for each day of the week. To Cary, the freedom to soar had its basis in a formal education and a love of learning. To those who knew her well, Alice Dugged Cary had a surprisingly acute sense of humor that seldom affected her perpetual look of sternness and rigidity, revealing itself only as an unpredictable twinkle in her eyes.  She died in 1941 on the campus of Morris Brown College, where she had served as both a faculty member and an administrator.


Finer Womanhood is defined as, “distinguishing characteristics of a woman, one superior in kind, quality, or appearance; marked by or affecting elegance or refinement.” A Finer Woman is someone who epitomizes the true ideals of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. She is seen by all as a leader and sets the example of a true woman of excellence. She is strong and principled and demonstrates great moral character. Finer women do not degrade other women, yet seeks opportunities to uplift every woman to her true measure of brilliance. With this in mind, a Zeta conducts herself in a manner that represents the positive standards of the organization.

One of Zeta's principal activities, "Finer Womanhood Week", was introduced in 1923 at the fourth conclave in Atlanta, Georgia by an Atlanta soror, Soror Eugenia Childs. This activity has become a trademark and major focus of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.


Stork’s Nest is a national program of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated established in 1972 in Atlanta, Georgia. This endeavor was conceived by Zeta member, Evelyn Brown of Epsilon Zeta Chapter, Atlanta, Georgia. Stork’s Nest is aligned with the sorority’s community service initiative Z-HOPE (Zetas Helping Other People Excel) as well as the March of Dimes. Currently, there are over 175 Stork’s Nests nationwide that have proudly served over 28,000 women.

The purpose of the Stork’s Nest is to encourage economically disadvantaged women to seek prenatal care within the first trimester of their pregnancy. Research has shown that mothers who seek this care decrease the potential for birth defects and infant mortality. Stork’s Nest promotes prenatal care participation and positive health choices during pregnancy through two components—incentives and education.


Associate Directors

Anita Stripling
Alpha Theta Zeta - 1946

Kate Shakespear
Epsilon Zeta - 1959-1963

Julia Mitchell - 1963

State Directors
Sadie Potter - Epsilon Zeta
Julia Glass - Epsilon Zeta
Julia Driskell - Beta Omega Zeta
Itelia Butler - Beta Omega Zeta
Bettye Shelling - Omicron Kappa Zeta
Myrtice Taylor - Epsilon Zeta
Malinda Stovall - Epsilon Eta Zeta
Yovanda Deason-Horton - Kappa Iota Zeta
Chrislyn Turner - Rho Xi Zeta
Myra F. Reese - Epsilon Zeta
Shaneesa N. Ashford - Omicron Kappa Zeta
Vicki L. Pearson - Kappa Iota Zeta



Zeta Membership = 1596 Financial Sorors; 53 Financial Chapters

Amicae Membership = 130 Financial Amicae; 18 Financial Amicae Auxiliaries; 2 New Charters and 1 Reactivation

Youth Membership = 31 Youth Auxiliaries; 215 Members; 1 New Charter

Scholarships = $76,385.00 in Scholarships given during the 2019-2020 Sorority Year

-Women Veterans Rock = $3,500.00
-Prematurity Awareness = 325.5 hours
-March For Babies 2019 = $61,119.00
-St. Jude Donation = $3,077.00
-Autism Awareness = 32 projects completed
-American Cancer Society = $6,663.00
-Bundles of Warmth IEB Project = $1,350.00
-International Women of Color (Wo Ye BRA/African Water Wells) = $1,000.00
-Adopt A School = 202 projects completed
-Elder Care = 110 projects completed
-Global Day of Service = 21 projects completed
-Z-Pack It Up 2020 Boule Project = $500
-ZPHIBGA Day of Service = 29 projects completed
-MLK Day Marches = 21 chapters and auxiliaries participated
-Social Action / Get Engaged = 202 projects completed
-Celebration Bowl Toy Drive = 115 toys donated

2019 SER Amicae Board Meeting – Savannah Boys & Girls Club Donation = $2,075.00

2019 SER Board Meeting – Hosea Helps Donation = $4,510.00

Organized and helped host Zeta Phi Beta’s participation in the 2019 Celebration Bowl to include sponsorship of the NPHC Tailgate and Toy Drive.

Participated as the primary volunteers for a Pop-Up Barbershop national marketing event hosted by Luster Products, ESPN, Walmart, and Coca-Cola on December 19, 2019.

Eighteen Sorors and One Youth Auxiliary Member featured in Who’s Who In Black Atlanta in honor of Zeta’s Centennial.

Contributed $1,000.00 to the Hurricane Dorian SOS Relief efforts.

Collected $1,825.00 for the Elder Care Project and $525 for Wigs & Scarves for Awareness for the 2020 State Conference.

Hosted our first statewide Joint Prayer Call with the brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. on April 25th.

Hosted the first statewide sisterhood virtual activity, a Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, April 11, 2020.

Won the March of Dimes March For Babies Greek Quarantine Challenge, raising $41,696.00 in just 4 weeks.

Had 3 chapters and 1 auxiliary to earn “Centennial Service Chapter of the Century” recognition from the Centennial Commission: Alpha Alpha Kappa Zeta (Newnan, GA); Phi Omicron Zeta (Covington, GA); Eta Xi (GA College & State University); and the Alpha Theta Zeta Amicettes (Savannah).

Raised/donated more than $250,000 for the March of Dimes

Chapters have awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships

Donated more than 2,800 wigs and 900 scarves to American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (2014 - 2018)

Donated more than 350 bras to Dress for Success to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month (2013)

The State and individual chapters have donated more than $10,000 to Elder Care facilities and schools around the State

Held five successful Statewide Days of Service, with more than 70% of projects focusing on Elder Care

Chartered FIRST four-letter chapter in the Southeastern Region - Alpha Alpha Kappa Zeta, Newnan, GA

Corporate/Welcome Home Sponsor for Crisp Area Habitat for Humanity

Donated to the USO for Zeta's Military Appreciation Week

Held two community forums as a part of the State Conference, focusing on bullying and mental health

Secured a Zeta Phi Beta Georgia License Plate

Recognized at the 2014, 2016 and 2018 Grand Boulés:
- Powerhouse State: Membership (4th largest state in Zeta)
- MOD March for Babies (Top State 2014, 2016, 2018)
- ACS Wigs for Awareness Top State (2016, 2018)
- Elder Care
- Amicae Auxiliaries
- Scrapbooks
- Communications/Social Media
- Centennial Diamond Visionary State